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Hydropower Projects

Potentiality of Hydropower in Nepal:

There are enormous water resources for the generation of electricity which is remained untapped. Water from the Northern part of the country covered by snowy mountains, the perpetual sources of water; middle mountains, spring sources of water; freefall to southern plain from more than 6000 large and small rivers. The sources of water from these rivers provide higher potentiality of generating hydroelectric power. The geographical condition and water resources of the country are very favorable to develop hydropower project.

By the end of July 2010, electricity generations from hydropower projects have reached 700MW which is less than one percent of country\'s total potential (83000 MW). This vast potentiality of electricity generation will fulfill the country\'s energy requirement and surplus energy can be exported to neighboring countries, which is helpful to eradicate the load shedding problem from south Asian countries. Because the load shedding or power short supply problem is the biggest challenge in this region.

In the recent years, Government of Nepal has adopted liberal policy to attract private investment in hydropower projects. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), government owned entity, has its policy to purchase electricity from private companies and power purchase from the neighboring countries. Many independent power producers are working in the said field. To vacate power from new power plants, Nepal Government has a plan of constructing various capacities Transmission Line projects. This has opened wide arena of hydroelectric project in the country..

All of you are cordially encouraged and invite to join hand with us to find out the possible avenues of hydro related projects, emerging projects for its smooth development, construction and operation in Nepal.

There are various laws to be implemented to initiate and develop the hydropower projects in Nepal. The below mentioned Acts, Policies, Rules, Regulations are mainly attracted for the development of hydropower project.

   . Hydropower Development Policy, 2001
   . Water Resources Act and Rules, 1992
   . Electricity Act, 1992 and Regulations, 1993
   . Environmental Protection Act and Rules, 1997
   . Forest Act, 1992 and Regulations, 1994
   . Local Self-Governance Act, 2000
   . Land Acquisition Act, 1977

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Formal office Opening

Formal office Opening

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