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Project Developments

South Asia Engineering (SAE) Pvt. Ltd. performs the various activities for the development of projects. We prepare and produce the appended reports to the various authorities:


1.     Identification and Development of Feasible Hydropower Projects (In Nepal or Abroad)

2.     Pre-Feasibility Study Reports

3.     Detailed and Final Feasibility Study Reports

4.     Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports

5.     Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Reports

6.     Details Design and Engineering Reports

7.     Financial Projections and Financial Closure Reports

8.     Financial Advises for various Projects

9.     Collection and Submission of Needy Documents for Various Projects

10.  Play the role of Mediator or Arbitrator on need basis

11.  Supply the various Technology and Equipments for Projects

12.  Preparation of Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) between parties


News & Events



MoU signing with Design Group, India

SAE signed a formal MOU for JV with Design Group Project Consultants, India



Signing of MOU with Structo Nepal

Signing of formal Memorandum of Understanding with Structo Nepal Private Limited.



Formal office Opening

Formal office Opening

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Electricity Generation

Electricity Distribution