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The main objectives of SAE  are to provide the consultancy services in side Nepal and Aboard on need basis, to develop the hydro electric power projects, transmission lines, energy production and distributions in the country in connection with domestic and international organizations, entrepreneurs and investors, to identify new suitable project sites and prepare pre-feasibility study reports, Financial projections, modality of new equity investment, to carry-out the role as representative or agent for technology transfer regarding the hydro power generation and distribution of renowned and experienced companies, to provide consulting services for DPR preparation, Detail Design, project finalizations, to provide services for operation and maintenance of power plants operation & maintenance of power plants, to consult engineering of hydropower, infrastructure, manufacturing and construction of various projects on the basis of valid and applicable norms.

In gist, the objective of SAE is to provide innovative and competitive consultancy services in the field of hydropower, water supply, irrigation, transport and other infrastructure related sectors by producing appropriate engineering design and development solutions giving priority with the help of advanced local skills, technology and protection of environment.

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